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Originally Posted by frtoaster View Post
No, unfortunately, mandoknight89 did not say who he got the information from.
I don't remember where I got it, either (some time during S5, I think... STOked, maybe? Or a member now known only as Archived Post?). However, the math added up when I did the calculations myself... still does. I have a Rare RCS Accelerator Mk XII (+37.5% turn rate) that I can put on my Assault Cruiser Refit (base turn 7). Using the -3 method, the expected returns on the RCS Accelerator is +1.5 turn (.375 * (7 - 3) = 4), which is what I get (no RCS, Borg Mk XII engine, 89 Impulse Thrusters, 55 Engine power: 11.0 deg/sec max turn. 1x RCS (+37.5% turn) slotted, no other changes: 12.5 deg/sec max turn).

The -3 isn't completely arbitrary, either. The three "extra" points of turn rate are intrinsic to all vehicles regardless of listed base turn rate, and is seen when your engines are either removed or you cut current impulse speed down to 0 (your various +turn items and skills do seem to have a minor effect on turn even at 0 Impulse, however, and this effect increases as you increase throttle up until you hit ? throttle).

I don't know exactly how base turn interacts with the Impulse Thruster skill, Engine power, and the engine slotted to determine your final turn rate, but I do know how the RCS Accelerator works with it under normal operating conditions (at or above ? throttle), and it does not involve the Impulse Thrusters skill, Engine power, or the slotted Impulse Engine.