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Originally Posted by shariala View Post
Thanks fr breaking that down for me. :^D lol I've been sitting on the bottom of Tier two Roomnie rep for a while, focusing on other things instead, so i had no yet seen that. Still even for something you'd be fighting at VA that is a little harsh, unless you're running at elite difficulty...
That's running at normal difficulty.
My Sci char tried that at Advanced (not even Elite). She would rack up so many injuries, I didn't have enough regenerators for her and all her boffs. She would die probably 10 times by the end of that one, after which I'd still have over a dozen injuries. I ended up having to lower the difficulty so I could do the Rom missions in a reasonable time (cut The Warehouse mission time in half). All the PvE missions in the game don't prepare you for those.

If you've done Tier 2, then you should have done the Mountain Pass. That was also somewhat difficult (the last battle), but still passable on Normal. I would say the next one is at least 5x harder.

But that also could be my lack of experience/skill.