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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
I like to know how are we suppose to ever FIND the Escape Pods as.

a) They are not marked in the Map
b) The "Scan Area" is utter useless because it does not track then, the 2 WORTHLESS anomalies yes ... the Escape Pods, no.
c) The only way to actually KNOW were the Pods are is being right next to the ship when it explodes but then again, its not as if there is combat right in the next 10 seconds forcing us to move.

Let me put this way, you people made so we can capture a changeling with this missing but the space portion is a exercise on frustration at this point, of course I dont expect this to ever be fixed since I am posting on the Missions and Episodes section and not the PvP section.


THIS is what we have to find with NO help.
I realize this post is a year old now, but the solution to almost all the problems here is to not let the fleet get out of your sight. Stay right with them into battle, then when the battle is over and you get the initial message about a message from the Indianapolis, do not reply right away! Minimize it and go find the Indianapolis first, it should be right nearby if you stayed with the fleet. Then answer the hail and the escape pods should jetison right beside you. I didn't have to move, I got the option to recover all of them instantly. Recover them before you attack the final wave of Jem'Hadar attack ships. The beam down and continue the mission. My problem was beating Laas. People say how easy he is to taje down for a boss fight, but he changed into the new changling combat mode, and sucked every member of my party, including me in and we all died instantly.