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04-25-2013, 07:24 PM
Originally Posted by pulserazor View Post
I am pretty upset. I deleted an item from a lockbox ship in the haste of removing the junk that comes with it, I was told: Too Bad. I wasted money.

I started two projects now in the reputation system that I cant clar until I waste more money (or even worse: Time) spending the dilthium and marks on items that I already have, or have a better version of.

The customer service in this game compared to other games where I acually feel like a customer who is cared for: Stinks.

Too Bad, thanks for the money - Thats the attitude I get.

Will posting on the forums help?
Best guess? No. Customer Service has this "won't do" attitude in that they "won't do anything for the customer." Of course I've heard they jump through hoops for certain people that talk up the game. If those rumors are true then Cryptic really is a lost cause as the subjects of those rumors are 'hella scary'. The kind of 'hella scary' that you don't sell white vans and candy too because you know 'no good will come of it.'