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Originally Posted by cursix View Post
I wouldn't take the word exclusive very seriously from Cryptic. Many items from the box versions of the game were exclusive and ended up in the C-Store some time later. The Galaxy X was an exclusive reward for their recruitment program but that ended up in the C-Store within weeks of being released to the recruiters.

If I recall, someone from Cryptic clarified that exclusive means at the time of the offer and thus does not mean it will remain exclusive.

Aside from that, the Romulans look nice but with all the money grabs that has been done with this game as of late, it just isn't worth it.
The only items that are "exclusive" in the Legacy Pack are the titles and the mini-DOFF pack (specifically the unique Reman DOFFs that are in it) -- the rest of the items are planned to be sold in the C-Store. As we've never sold titles, and we don't sell mini-DOFF packs in the C-Store, you should expect not to see these elsewhere


Originally Posted by n0vastarone View Post
The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number.

apparently I can't use prepaid credit cards. And of course PWE support site is still giving me redirect loops. and the email I sent last week to support still hasnt been recieved. its like PWE is allergic to helping out
You should be able to use a prepaid card. A couple things to note, though:

- If the card has only $125 on it, you'll get dinged the $1 authorization charge that will bring your balance below $125 and won't be able to use it, so it's good to make sure you have more than enough on the card.
- Also, it's advised you call the number on the card and attach it to a physical address. That way PayPal will have some data to compare the card against when you checkout.

Hope that helps!


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