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04-26-2013, 03:20 AM
I wonder if it is possible for them to take a leaf from Blizzards book. The customers service and GMs no longer recover items for people unless the account is compromised. This is because they introduced a recovery option in the account management section of their online doo-dads. It might be an idea, if it is even possible, for them to do that here for such cases as pulserazor.

It is restriced too where Blizzard is concerned, one recovery every 30 days account wide. This means you still hve to be careful but it atleast helps a little with the oopsies that happen.

I have never deleted anythnig "purple" in the game,I always recycle extra credits and all. This means I do not know if it happens here. Is there a pop up asking if you are sure you want to delete it and if so asking you to type delete in the box? Something similar to the way we decomission ships. If not maybe that could be added.

Both of these would take the pressure and onus off customer service and put it back on the customer where it belongs.