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04-26-2013, 02:28 AM
I have been seeing comments about this in game. However, so far, I have been lucky and not recieved a single one. Though I maybe tempting fate by saying that.

Anazonda you do not have to post your @name anywhere, everytime you speak it is there, it is posted ingame by Cryptic whenever one of the "Playerx@name has obtained ship y"announcements pops up in the middle of your screen. This means they are very easy to get. It is a false assumption to think people are posting it elsewhere.

IMHO, in-game mailboxes should be locked until later into the game (level 10? 20?) So these goldfarmers would get tired of leveling up characters just to spam their e-mail advertisements.
I would never support such a thing, collective punishment is something I will always oppose. In this case piunishing all low level people for the behaviour of spammers is wrong. Add to that they wouldn't be here if people didn't buy from them.