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04-26-2013, 02:48 AM
Won't work.

They are doing what they did with the earlier spam /tells. Hanging around crowded spots, targeting you then right-click. That lets you know your @handle.

The same goes with all those 'wait till X hours old' solutions. They just keep the accounts online until then. Doing the 'wait until Y level' will penalise certain players. Modifying this so that only accounts without any captains at a particular level or higher... another problem. After all, it's a F2P, do you really want to annoy potential customers? The same goes with blocking IP ranges and whatnot, that's frankly collective punishment and you'd be blocking some of your best/paying customers to boot.

I'm sure Cryptic can spend some more effort and time on this, but I don't see this being as big a problem as in the past. So in the meantime, try setting your Privacy options to only allow /tells from friends/fleet and see if that helps.