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04-26-2013, 06:10 AM
I dont understand why nobody has not suggested the leave only Option.

Make it so a fleet leader can not get demoted or kicked.

A fleet leader must leave of his own free will, via the leave button.

This easy change would prevent a hostile take over.

The fleet I'm in has 500 active members and only one Fleet Leader.

We did this to protect our fleet and efforts from such problems.

Also the fleet leader turned off kicks for everyone but himself, bank change permission, and fleet rename.

Any fleet that thinks it needs more than one leader is mistaken.

Any fleet that forms up under a leader who is not active everyday is mistaken.

Our fleet leader says his role is to keep the fleet safe and our rank 6 officers job is to run the fleet.

This is just to much drama, I just can't not believe people are crying for I want more than one Fleet Leader.

Really I mean really, the safe guards are already in place, it just sounds like people want more.

This entire junk about votes is wrong it will open the door for a entire fleet to getting stolen.

Say your a fleet leader you spent 100s of dollars on Dilithium on your SB ,you recruit 1 new guy.

He chats nice and befriends you, then gets 10 of his other friends to join the your little fleet.

They vote you out and you lost your fleet, then they sell it to the highest bidder then move to the next fleet.

Note:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::

Cryptic already has a solution to protect a fleet it's called when you make a fleet the founder is the only fleet leader..

The founder is the only one with rights to promote people and setup permissions either good or bad.

What your asking for is Cryptic to setup a system to protect your fleet from bad fleet leader decisions.

Next you will ask the government to post guards in front of your house to protect it.

So when you leave home with the doors unlocked and wide open thieves don't walk off with your stuff.

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