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One as far as other MMOs are concerned KDF doesn't even remotely feels the same as any other "bad" or "tough guy" faction. In most of them you get less then what we get, IE same classes and gear, same raids, and dungeons, with a couple of exclusives low level. I swap factions in most MMO's with out a second thought to anything other then specific players I know on a faction.

KDF however is so different I can't even try to come up with the words for it. The ships while fewer are unique style, and no matter the case different more then other games where you literally get the same things. I saw the uproar over the first fed carrier, heck tried it when I got lured to the dark fed side, its a PoS compared to my KDF carriers, the pets alone make KDF the better choice for fun, and tactics for me.

A great example is the Doff system, as fed their simple crewmen serving a term, and are sent out on official missions handed down to the captain from a huge chain of command. You can trade them or dismiss them, but over all there just doing their job. You get to hand out aid, and overseer diplomatic missions with them, and rarely do a bit of trading or spying.

On the side KDF doffs are a loyal part of your crew, which you can actually kill off for rewards with missions. They do personal errands for your honor, they raid targets you find, and rarely do they find themselves on an official mission from the higher ups. You can loot and pillage. You can trade prisoners for dill, or sell them to slavers. You can even interrogate prisoners at your leisure. In the end its all you, you work with KDF, and its your ship, suppose to Feds who just maintain and run them for star fleet under strict orders.

I feel far more free as KDF, and have way more fun since I don't feel like a tool, it feels like these are my ships, and my crews. I choose where and what to do, and the only regulations inflicted on me are honor related. As a member of the KDF my captains answer to those who could destroy them, my goal is to better my ship, and crew for my captains sake. I have no sense of duty to KDF, just a basic set of rules that comes with the allegiance, such as not grouping with feds minus inside of fleet operations for the greater good of any one who is alive.

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