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Originally Posted by guriphu View Post
Note the Star Trek books are essentially licensed fan-fiction, nothing more. They are not canon, even in the absence of other canon sources that contradict them. So, using the Romulan books for ideas about how you might write your Romulan characters or foundry missions is great, but they are not authorities on how you should. Furthermore, if you want a romulan word for something, you can look it up... or just make it up. Either way is equally accurate, as far as Star Trek "reality" is concerned.
To me the best thing about "soft canon" - essentially anything that isn't the shows or movies - is that each fan can pick and choose for themselves what they want to acknowledge and what they want to ignore. Can really do that with the shows and movies as well, I know a guy who goes mysteriously deaf any time someone brings up Star Trek V.

That's why I love Star Trek, cause there's so much of it and it is so varied that every fan can personalize it.
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