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04-26-2013, 07:04 AM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
the state of the game is what it is. If you wish to assign blame, I would like to remind you of 3years of neglect, and a systems lead too scared to balance the game because of forum rage.

Bootcamp seems an odd target to assign blame to.
I didnt blame bootcamp for pvp being what it is i said it was a fail at trying to save it. Maybe from an RP perspective of people being teachers and having studen lol its a great success but i dont RP. The fact is the queues are still dead and pugs still play like pugs.

The only thing i see is alot of time and resources being spent on merging RP with PVP. When cryptic should be using those resources to fix the game not trying to get more people to play a broke one.

Its like trying to sell a house you have an open house with garbage all over it everything is broken 400 people show up and you expect the bids on the house to come rolling in lol. Thats not how it works first clean the house fix the broken sink then invite the 400 customers to check it out.