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Dear PVP community,

since the first No BS tournament was a success, Inner Circle hast decided to host a second round. One may also consider this tournament a farewell to Season 7. Congratulations again to Team -X- for becoming the winner of the first tournament. The finals from the previous tournament can be seen here.

Special thanks goes to the teams who participated in that tourney and especially to the people who took it upon themselves to organise it. Job well done!

The most important thing is not to win but to take part! Please show that you are part of the PVP community and participate!

Contact me in-game (@ilhansk) or write down a note in this thread if you want to join.

We have decided to largely adopt the rules from the previous tournament:
01. Have fun - Most important
02. No siphon drones and Danube/Yellowstone pets (Not fun and skillfull)
03. No more than 3 of the same captains or ship types
04. No Boarding Parties (Broken)
05. No Dkora EMP burst (Broken)
06. No scramble sensors with the DOFFs (Without DOFFs no issue)
07. No Grav Pulse (AOE 50 second hold not fun)
08. Once you are in 1 team and have played, you cannot move to another
09. Temporal Inversion not allowed

Click here for the tournament match schedule!

- Each match will last 30 minutes or first team to achieve 15 kills wins.
- The team with the highest kills will be counted as victors if the match lasts 30 minutes.
- The semi finals and the finale will last 45 minutes or 15 kills.

Reward for the winner: Being famous!

Please put down your name / Fleet / Team in this thread and nothing else.

If you dont like the rules, please don't derail the thread.

If the tournament takes more than 4 hours to finish, the (semi-)finals will be held on a later date.

The tournament will be held on Saturday, 11th May 2013 - Time 17:00 UCT
- German Time: 19:00 Uhr
- British Time: 18 o'clock
- East Coast Time: 1 p.m.
- West Coast Time: 10 a.m.

The PVP Boot Camp TeamSpeak-Server will serve as a hub (special thanks to Pheo)
No Password

Use this link to calculate your local time.

Team registration will close if limit of 16 Teams have been reached!

Teams so far:

01. Team Inner Circle [Captain: @ilhansk]
02. Team Omega-Flotte [Captain: @thebigfuzzy]
03. Team 9th Fleet IDIC [Captain: @dummyname]
04. Team Lag-Industries [Captain: @Aquitaine985]
05. Team X [Captain: @nixtux]
06. Team Division Hispana [Captain: @mrkollins]
07. Team Sad Pandas [Captain: @hurleybird]
08. Team Apocalypse [Captain: @The.Brethren]
09. Team 1st Column [Captain: @jacknm1]
10. Team Alpha-Zero [Captain: @butt3rkeks]
11. Team Nova Core [Captain: @u.s.s.bloodmage]
12. Team UFP Squadron 47 [Captain: @queeg513]
13. Team Ad Infinitum Rockers [Captain: @hrmadman]
14. Team Ad Infinitum [Captain: @matija]
15. Team Temporal Incursion [Captain: @five-of-me]
16. Team ~Hero's Of The Eleventh Apocalypse~ [Captain: @livin]

Good Luck to all of you!

Please show that you are part of the PVP community and participate!

Visit the Inner Circle YouTube Channel to watch some pew pew PVP action!

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