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While the Plasmonic Leech and some of the KDF ships are better, I have to say what's driving me to the Fed side is the advantages they have.

Feds always get more costumes, more c-store stuff, more content. Or at least they have in the past. Add to that the idea that there are more t5 fleets and there's a better market for doffs/boffs.

More importantly, in spots where the factions are segregated, Feds have far better queues for things like starbase defense.
The last thing I ever want to have to do in this game is play through those gargantuan, oversized FED Romulan and Cardassian mission chains ever again. I will take the condensed KDF version any day of the week quite gladly so I can actually get to Facility 4028 before I'm old and grey.

Yes, I know, there's a skip mission button. But that clutters up your mission journal for all time until you go back and play it all.

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