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04-26-2013, 10:32 AM
Originally Posted by kevaldt View Post
I understand, losing all that work can be heartbreaking but you have to take into account the fact that you are putting this on one account... Why is it that you had one all powerful account in a position like this? There are ways to limit this type of damage altogether but it seems more and more that large fleets are allowing 1 or 2 accounts superior authority in the fleet and thats whats leaving them open to this type of attack.

Especially when you consider that this this account was so easily hacked in the first place... Cryptic provides account security tools to all of their players, including account guard which in the end is a pretty secure system.

Instead of looking to others to help you or Cryptic to put a penalty driven system in place as a measure to try and curb this sort of abuse, why dont you ask the hacked player why their account was vulnerable like this? Did they have a crappy password in place? Did they turn off account guard (universally stupid, btw)?

Yes, this hacker is a douchenozzle for this type of activity, but there had to be an opening there to exploit in the first place, and a reason for the attack.
Two leaders is definitely not a magic solution and can arguably be a problem. We had two top ranked leaders. Leaders can boot eachother.