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04-26-2013, 10:44 AM
Originally Posted by chuxx500 View Post
Is there any negative to using the overcharge ability then?

If not, it would seem one can have the reward without risk.
I wouldn't take the "High risk, high reward" thing too far. I think it just refers to battle cloak, which is a very risky maneuver, your shields drop and if you don't have enough stealth/the enemy has enough stealth sight, a large ship like the D'Deridex shouldn't be too hard to stay on top of and attack despite the cloak. So provided you survive the cloaking procedure, you get a high reward in the form of a few seconds bonus to weapon damage when you decloak.

In regard to the singularity abilities, I think they are looking at balancing that out by gimping the ship in some other area, like they've said, reduced power levels, fewer boffs, fewer consoles, something. So I'm not sure the singularity powers are supposed to come with a 50% chance to blow yourself up by using them or anything like that, lol.