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Originally Posted by chuxx500 View Post
Sorry that I don't use the proper name or know how it will work but I have an idea for it.
This is why I keep saying "wait and see, wait and see." We don't know exactly how 2/5s of the powers work, and we have people dismissing them ALL as "gimmicks" (which, btw, tells me that they're too lazy to think of how to use it to its best advantage.)

We have two methods for reducing the cooldown between uses of Singularity skills, one of which we haven't even been able to get our hands on yet (T'Varo console), with other methods that may yet come (from traits, DOffs, etc.) and yet people are already clamoring "cut the cooldown! it's useless to me!"

We haven't seen a fraction of what the system can do, but people are taking the most superficial glances at it, rejecting it as "broken", and throwing out "fixes" willy-nilly.

CHILL, people. Wait and see. Actually TEST the damn things.

Also, pay attention while you're testing it. I'm seeing a lot of people saying "plasma shockwave sucks, it's useless!" because they stopped watching after the initial disappointing burst, not realizing that more than three times the initial damage was going straight to the hull after the burst.

And always remember, if you don't like the singularity system, with its particular perks and flaws, you always have an out; a whole wealth of ally and lockbox ships are available to you too.

EDIT: Case in point...

Originally Posted by chuxx500 View Post
So Warp Shadows gives you a jump with some kind of semi belated cloak?

I only used it once and was not too impressed by the statues of my ship.

Singularity gives you a jump with debuffs but not much damage, so 2 jumping powers?
I would LOVE to have Warp Shadows in Infected Space Elite, as I'm always the one making a kamikaze crowd control run on the spheres at the gate. When someone pops one generator well before the rest, I'm charging over to the gate to use TB Repulsors to push back the spheres, and then pin them down with Gravity Well to buy as much time as possible. Since I use Evasive Maneuvers to get there in time, I have to get away under standard power, and since TB Repulsors decides to tick off the gateway ~90% of the time, it's usually not safe to cloak. So when the transformer goes down, I have a swarm of angry, angry spheres (and/or a tac cube) all after me (because of the damage from TB-R and GW) and still on cooldown so I can't run away. I would LOVE to be able to drop 5 indestructible clones behind me to take the heat off long enough for me to get away. Or, if I'm lined up properly and we needed yet another delay, a singularity jump to slow them down (and if the transformer pops while it's active, well, I'm 5km further away and they have an accuracy debuff.)

I cannot WAIT to get this into STFs.

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