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04-26-2013, 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by hyouki View Post
This is why I keep saying "wait and see, wait and see." We don't know exactly how 2/5s of the powers work, and we have people dismissing them ALL as "gimmicks" (which, btw, tells me that they're too lazy to think of how to use it to its best advantage.)

We have two methods for reducing the cooldown between uses of Singularity skills, one of which we haven't even been able to get our hands on yet (T'Varo console), with other methods that may yet come (from traits, DOffs, etc.) and yet people are already clamoring "cut the cooldown! it's useless to me!"

We haven't seen a fraction of what the system can do, but people are taking the most superficial glances at it, rejecting it as "broken", and throwing out "fixes" willy-nilly.

CHILL, people. Wait and see. Actually TEST the damn things.

Also, pay attention while you're testing it. I'm seeing a lot of people saying "plasma shockwave sucks, it's useless!" because they stopped watching after the initial disappointing burst, not realizing that more than three times the initial damage was going straight to the hull after the burst.

And always remember, if you don't like the singularity system, with its particular perks and flaws, you always have an out; a whole wealth of ally and lockbox ships are available to you too.
Well you don't have ally ships at end game, so not really, but lockbox ships would be an option... a super expensive option. But then I don't see the point of playing a romulan and playing a non romulan ship... especially not one that doesn't cloak at all... let alone battle cloak since many of the traits seem to revolve around that tactic.

If the damage from the plasma shockwave is ultimately comparable to the hull melt from the experimental beam plasma hyperflux, that will be pretty sweet. I remember using that ability and thinking "meh... that didn't do much." and then the hull on the enemy starts... well... melting, lol. They may not be having that ability be boosted by tactical consoles to prevent a fully plasma romulan from being OP, or only making it particle gens so that a romulan who doesn't want to take plasma weapons doesn't obviously gimp their plasma shockwave... though it does strongly encourage (I won't say force) you to take particle gens when you might not otherwise... which reminds me, I need to pop in and figure out for sure if particle gens increase plasma dot damage for plasma weapons and torps...

I'm sure the devs are taking feedback with a grain of salt. They have the bigger picture and may have it planned out that once you get to end game and equip up, the singularity powers cool faster or become more powerful or both. But I think one of them also mentioned it was good to know if it felt underpowered or lame at lower levels cause they want it to feel good and useful at all levels.

But you're right, we're not going to know how this thing really performs until we can see what doffs/equips/traits affect it and in what ways and to what extent. The devs want to keep progression in mind, and since there's progression, they feel it can't start at its best. The players may be saying "the cool needs to be 30 seconds!" well... that might be what the devs intend at the end of the day once you've put the appropriate core and traits and doffs in the mix... and they may have it set up so that you can use your abilities more frequently or accept the current cool and have them be much more devastating/effective instead. We'll just have to wait and see... though it seems it would be most productive to show us everything before asking our opinions. On one hand, It's like showing us nothing but the kitchen and asking us what we think of the house. On the other, it does give them what our gut reactions are to the system when we see nothing but the beginning. They want that reaction to be good, but they also know what the rest of the house looks like, so if we say "this kitchen is crap and this house would be insufferable unless every room had its own bathroom." Well... maybe every room does have its own bathroom and we just haven't seen it yet.