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04-26-2013, 11:41 AM

Yes the exchange can be quite a pain to use. One of those things that should be sorted out before major updates. So rather than just complain here are a few suggestions.

1 Faction differentiation

You have a 'sort by' section with everything else but the most obvious, faction. So either when you are playing a certain faction other things from other factions don't show up or have in the 'sort by' section a pick of which faction you are playing at present. Obviously the more factions you add the more confusing it will get. As said in a previous comment, what happens when you add the new faction next month?

2 Attribute/Skill Choice

One literally has no choice when it comes to try finding for example a duty officer by attributes. So you want to find a security officer with resolve and efficient, good luck with that. There needs to be an attribute list you can select what you want and don't want. Suggestion is to have a list on the left hand side of the attributes. One column is to choose for it another column against it. So using my security officer example. I can get as far as choosing to what level/colour I want right now. Now with the attribute list I just click the positive box next to resolve and efficient. Lets say that stubborn is one I don't want with the security officer then click the negative on the stubborn attribute. Voila a list of relevant security officers is listed.

A similar thing needs to be done things like weapons, armor etc. You want an assault mini gun with damage, accuracy and knock back, well no way to do that now unless you want to spend a long time moving through the exchange list.

As for bridge officers with skills, same story. E.g. Any officer with 4 space skills simply cannot be searched for without list scrolling .

So some way to choose attribute/skills etc is highly needed.

Thank you and hope you all address this issue soon.