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04-26-2013, 01:50 PM
I'm going KDF, and I have been encouraging our fleet members to do the same.

1) Ships that cloak. You get access to T1-T4 kdf ships, which most of the standard ones have built in cloak. As a Romulan, you will have Subterfuge as a trait, which can take excellent advantage of the kdf ships (should you decide to use their ships).

2) Fleet gear. Fed is phaser. KDF is disruptor. And the additional proc that come with the fleet weapons are better on the kdf side imo.

3) Access to faction specific consoles as already mentioned.

And one comment of the PVP ques. I think the numbers will be a little more balanced once people start rolling Romulans.

The only reason I can think of to go Fed is you are more likely to find a fleet with higher tier starbases. Tentative dev blog has put the iconic D'deridex as a T4 fleet shipyard unlock. You can always fly the regular D'deridex, but a 'fleet' version will require a T4 shipyard from a fleet. That said, the 44th is on countdown to complete its KDF T4 shipyard in less than a week, and we would welcome you if you are looking for a fleet. (yes, shameless plug I know). The only caveat is that we have a '1 fleet' policy - we want all your alts to be in the fleet, and your Fed alts to be in our Fed fleet.
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