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04-26-2013, 02:51 PM
I'd imagine they could achieve it by having a Fed/KDF ship stolen by someone (Undine, Suliban, Section 31?). It certainly could work as a featured episode.

Ep 1:
You and your boffs sneak onto the stolen ship (a shuttle mission, maybe some EV to sneak into an airlock to end it, also boffs get some nice usage again)

Ep 2:
Recon; a nice chance for improved hallways closer to what we saw in the shows (much like we were given with the Belfast and TOS interiors), and popular ship areas like sickbay, engineering, shuttlebay, maybe even new rooms like an armory or astrometrics, cargo bays or brig). Use astrometrics to figure out where the ship's headed, a canon Ten Forward/crew lounge as a beach head on the ship. Stars streaking past windows to show the ship's at warp.

Ep 3:
Sabotage; a focus on minigames to lower forcefields, mask lifesigns, reroute power (either for more atmospheric combat and flashlights, or even stealth if you so wish), plant viruses, and free those on the ship being held hostage.

Ep 4:
Retake the ship with some awesome combat on a canon bridge.

Ep 5:
Foil their larger plans (using the ship, like you do with Temporal Ambassador or Doomsday Device.