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04-26-2013, 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Geko reiterated it in the 4:20:19 UGC interview. Warbirds have that hybrid-assassin playstyle going for them. Ships are classes to him. BoPs are assassins. The Warbirds are different types of assassins.
I know. I listened to the whole thing, but I don't think the idea of "high risk, high reward" is intended to extend into something like "pulls all the energy out of your shields to deliver a devastating blow!" By which I mean all the hp in your shields, not your shield power. In which case, if you didn't destroy your enemy, you've now wasted your shields and they might blow right through you.

I think that the biggest "high risk, high reward" of bops is simply the battle cloak. Despite their low hull and shields, they can be remarkably durable depending on the skill of the pilot and how you build them, and they can do a considerable amount of damage, plus they are so maneuverable that their low shields and hull are largely compensated for by their ability to get out of an enemy's kill zone with relative ease. Where they will most certainly have the biggest risk is when they cloak, particularly by virtue of their low hull strength, but again, with the maneuverability and small size, they can cloak and be gone. A D'deridex on the other hand won't be that maneuverable even with battle cloak improving the turn and speed, and it's much larger, making it an easier target to find and stay on top of. So the D'deridex, I imagine, will take a tremendous risk when cloaking even with a thicker hull, perhaps an even bigger risk than a bop does.