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04-26-2013, 03:06 PM
I figured Romulans would be sharing the STF sets of their ally, since it seems like it would fit in with the allying deal. You could even say a Romulan joining Omega Faroce is doing so on behalf of or sponsored by Fed or KDF since those two made the group in the first place.

Still Romulans have costumes that take aesthetic cues from both Romulan and the faction they allied with, hence my wondering if there will be a couple extra costume pieces that are udoubtably MACO or KHG but have some romulan aesthetics mixed in for Romulan players to wear.

For instance, MACO would still have the same silver pajamas but maybe a less shiney option on the color pallet, a slightly different chest plate, or romulan style shoulder pads (Romulans like 'em padded and pointy)