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04-26-2013, 03:34 PM
When i am on one of my big carriers, i always eat the wave. Do you know, how long it takes to avoid them and coming back in shooting positions ? You would waste more time doing that than being killed and respawn. Not that it is enough to be killed anyway. Not everyone flies an escort or sci ship.
Doesnt really take much, I sit at about 9.8k from the entity while fighting it, and continue fighting during the energy buildup. Just before the wave is released, I go into reverse, get just a hair beyond that 10k range of the wave, and as soon as it goes off I switch back to forward impulse and get back in weapons range.

Considering, though, that the wave only disables your systems for about 1 seconds, I'm starting to think that - assuming you can take the damage - it's better to just eat the wave and keep firing. If you put up a shield and hull damage resist ability, even the lighter science vessels can handle the wave without going below 40% hull.

Anyways, on topic, the biggest thing about the CE - and the reason why science ships do so well on it - is because it's extremely vulnerable to kinetic damage, as are the shards. Your typical escort or cruiser has few, if any, kinetic damage abilities - limited to torpedoes, cutting beams, or ramming speed. A science vessel, however, has access to gravity well - which is an AoE that does heavy kinetic damage and pulls in targets.

My engineer flies a caitian atrox. If I pop my +25 all power levels ability (engineer specific), so I'm capped at 125 auxilliary power, and then use gravity well 3 on the entity, I'll typically see 49-51k crits pop up about once per second on the entity and any shards caught nearby - and not only is it doing ridiculous damage, it's also pulling in those shards and killing off small shards before they can damage or heal.

If only gravity well were that useful outside of CE.