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04-26-2013, 05:09 PM

So, here I am. I want to come back. Optimally, I would like to make my Romulan ally with the Klingons, to get access to my already bought consoles. My hope is that Klingon-side support is finally there. I fear it isn't. What say you guys?

TLDR: Returning player with purchased Klingon consoles asks whether to ally with FED or KDF on his Romulan toon.
Well I'm going Fed.

1. I've got three-four toons worth of blue/purple Fed doffs.

2. Fed stuff is generally less rare on the exchange, making it somewhat cheaper.

3. Lots of fed boffs with rare skills I've got available to transfer.

4. My fed toons are in a rather active fed fleet that I'm attached to.

5. Feds have a much larger community. As such queues pop faster (PvE and especially PvP) and forming teams for activities such as Epohh tagging is much less hassle.

For me this basically makes feds grind light.
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