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# 1 Need input with ship build(s)
04-26-2013, 06:03 PM
I've read a lot of different threads and have chatted with a few people and it was suggested I create my own thread.

For my Fed Engineer toon, I spend most of my time running PvE (mostly elite STFs & Fleet Mark missions.)

My goal is to set up one or two ships to best play these (Probably 1 for STFs & 1 for everything else.) Yes, I know there are multiple variables to consider (my playing style, skills, consoles, BOFFs, energy types, enemy weaknesses, etc.) so all constructive comments are welcome.

I do have access to the all the Romulan & Omega Tier V equipment as well as our fleet's advanced fleet space supplies.

My current ship is the Mobius Temporal Destroyer, but I have a cruiser and a Breen warship (which I haven't used.)

My cruiser currently has polaron energy equipment and the Mobius came with AP. I was originally thinking of switching out to plasma, but since the Mobius came with AP, I started reconsidering.

For STF, I am currently leaning toward the ADV Fleet Dual Cannons and turrets with Omega torpedoes, but some people say go with Romulan equipment instead. Looking at the numbers, I'm thinking the fleet equipment might be better but wanting people's opinions.

Additionally, I'm not opposed to spending dilithium/EC to get set up, but I don't want to waste it if it's not going to get me anything.

If you reply, please explain why you suggest what you do - I'm also trying to learn.

Thanks in Advance