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04-26-2013, 07:34 PM
It's just a bit frustrating that it doesn't become clear as to WHY we placed first, second or third in that event. I've run a 3-digit number of events so far, tracking and recording most of them with ACT, yet some of the runs and placements simply don't make any sense at all.

For example:

On one of my newer 50's that I drag through the event I've just gotten 4-5th places on the first couple of runs (as I pretty much expected). Then there was a 2-game streak where I suddenly placed first, only to drop back down to the normal 4-5th in the games afterwards. According to ACT, my healing, damage taken and dps was lower than that of other members' of my group, my playstyle/choice of targets/equipment didn't change between the events, yet I placed first in those two games.