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04-26-2013, 06:38 PM

Technicolor beams aren't appreciated...)

And or Rainbow lazors.

Pick one seriously. I haven't heard anything good about someone who cant make up there mind on a weapon type. it doesnt matter what you want to use just pick 1 type and use it.

It also greatly reduces your damage out put to use a bunch of different types of weapons.

With that Said I can honestly say I'm not worried about going into an STF and getting the bonus. What does bug me is people who sit in the middle and kill random pointless entity's instead of doing the objectives.

The objectives are right there on your freaking screen, Im in an STF to run it as fast and comfortably as possible not to sit there and explain every little thing to you, Thats what Google and the millions of YouTube/other walkthroughs/guides are for.

If you couldn't be bothered to learn a little something about your game in this case, STO or what ever your current Mmo. You deserve every bad word, every name, every little bit of being picked on your getting.

Its not a Solo mission when you do an STF or Dungeon or something in a team.
its a TEAM effort and your lazy/stupid/ignorant butt sitting there using up time that some of us just don't have to waste, really gets on our nerves.

"I'm new to this" is a lazy and very poor excuse, Theres more then enough places to learn what you needed rather then just drop in and waste every body's time.

Also another big Gripe of mine, If you don't know what your doing Please for the love of god stop using Torpedo spreads, Fire at will and the like and hitting tons of enemy's in an STF when you should just be single targeting.

Your pulling every thing and were gonna end up leaving and not get any marks.