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04-26-2013, 08:40 PM
The most generally powerful thing for PvE is going to be your Mobius, escorts are just really strong right now, and everything else is playing catchup. That's not to say that you can't make them work and be effective, just that it'll be harder, and probably end up weaker most of the time than an escort build you put the same amount of work into. For weapons, you won't want Dual Cannons, better off with Dual Heavy Cannons due to their lower power drain over time (which turns into higher DPS). As far as Romulan vs Adv. Fleet, I haven't actually used either, but the reasons the Romulan might be better are that they get better modifiers ([Dmg] adds less DPS than any other modifier), combine the 2 highest damage procs, and can be boosted by the Embassy science consoles. If you go Fleet you'll probably want Disruptor, since again those are the highest damage. You'll also want some combination of deflector, shield, and engine from Omega Rep, generally the MACO shield will be stronger than the others and 3 piece bonuses are less important than 2 piece ones, but there are a lot of solid combinations in there, so I'll leave this to people with experience with the ship.

For a build for the Mobius, you'll want TT1 with the cooldown reduction doffs, a first rank torpedo ability (probably Spread 1), 2 copies of a first rank cannon ability (probably CSV1) and then two attack patterns for your tac slots. Then set one universal to Sci and the other to Eng, get 2 copies of EPtS1 (to be chained for high shield resistance), get A2SIF, HE1, and TSS2, (all powerful heals) and the remaining slot will go for a GW if Sci (great for saving optionals or simply grouping enemies to make your CSV more potent) or probably an RSP if Eng (it's a very powerful shield heal when under fire, but may not necessarily be the best choice, also consider Extend Shields for team support and EWP for CC).