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04-26-2013, 08:41 PM
I've run the CE event on twelve characters and I've managed getting trophies for eight of them. Today, my weakest character, a Sci shooting skittle single cannons/turrets and a photon torpedo managed a win. I wasn't consciously trying to win, didn't think she had a chance. The only remarkable thing about that run was that a lot of the recipients of my heals were in the critical zone. All I had was HE and some shield heals available.

I would like to know the exact scoring formula because I can't believe I either out-damaged or out-healed the rest of the map. Is it possible I interacted with more distinct targets and got some sort of bonus for that? Do people that camp and only shoot at the CE win a lot or is it better to spread the damage around? I very rarely park.

My rate of winning 1st prize is near 15%, making top 3 is around 70% across all characters. All weapons are Mk XI blue or purple, non fleet. No Gravity well on any.

My winners include:
Sci - Chel Grett (Phased Polaron DHC)
Tac- Chel Grett (2) (Tetryon/Plasma DHC)
Eng - Chel Grett (Phaser DHC)
Eng - D'kora (Phaser Beam Arrays) no torps, yes FAW
Tac - Galor (Spiral Disruptor Beam Arrays/turrets) yes FAW
Eng - Assault Cruiser (Tetryon Beam Arrays) no FAW
Sci - Recon Science Vessel (Skittle cannons)

These have all placed 2nd at least once but not won:
Tac - Chel Grett (Disruptor DHC)
Tac - Chel Grett (Phaser DHC)
Sci - Chel Grett (Phaser DHC) (this character almost never places despite good effort)
Sci - Chel Grett (Disruptor DHC) no torps (habitually 2nd or 3rd)
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