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04-26-2013, 09:49 PM
Originally Posted by feyll View Post
Royal... you do know they're talking about connection lag and not from per second issues, right? Anyway... I've been getting twice the amount of lag I'm used to and only in cryptic games. It's kind of like a similar experience I had playing CO while STO was being released. If I didn't know better (and let's hope this hypothesis is wrong) they're hosting all three games on one server... but that couldn't be the case. No company's that pants-on-head stupid.
Perhaps I should've mentioned the lag that happens when changing something in inventory, equipping/de-equipping gear etc.

The ping to the server here is actually pretty stable at 100-130ms constant.

I was refering to their internal database or whatever they use to store all the items, variables et cetera. Pure lag most of the time.

No my FPS is sitting at a steady 60.