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04-26-2013, 10:06 PM
One idea. Not necessarily The Best but its how I'd set up if I owned a Mobius (and the layout I used on a Breen for a while).

Deflector: Omega
Engine: Omega
Shield: MACO for durability or Omega for the 3-piece debuff power

Power settings 95/40/40/25

Weapons Fore
2 Antiproton DHC
Antiproton DBB (or Chroniton if you have the lobi)
Torpedo (Chroniton for CC, Photon for steady damage, Quantum for spike damage, or Temporal Disruption Device if you have the lobi)

Weapons Aft
2 Antiproton Turrets
Kinetic Cutting Beam

Cmdr Tactical
TT1, Overload 2, APO1, APB3
LtCmdr Science
See Below
Lt Tactical
2 BOFFs to swap for situation, one with THY1 and CRF1, one with TS1 and CSV1
Lt Engineer
Ensign Engineer

Neutronium Armor x2
Field Generator, Emitter Array, Assimilated Module, Tachyokinetic Converter
Antiproton Mag Regulator x4

2 blue Conn Officer reducing Tactical Team cooldown time to 18 seconds (close enough to the 15-second global for STF work, and cheaper than multi-million-EC purples)
Gravimetric Scientist (possibly, see science skills)

If it were my ship I would do ST1, HE2, GW1, but I'm weird in using Science Team. However a LOT of people don't like ST because it conflicts with other Team skills and because if doesn't give a shield damage reduction like TSS. I prefer ST because of the shorter cooldown, because its a flash heal, because it isn't dependent on Aux power, and because it clears sci debuffs besides (which is totally irrelevant in STFs of course). On the other hand TSS enhances shield tanking and can be used while using TT. Both are useful.
After picking a shield heal, then you have Hazard Emitters which goes without saying. Finally there is Gravity Well, which is so insanely useful for crowd control and anti-torpedo screening and even just extra damage, particularly if you add the Gravimetric Scientist doff with it. That said there is also Tractor Beam Repulsors, which is much more situational and if you use BADLY you'll piss off a lot of people, but it can be a crowd-control butt-saver if used intelligently, is good for pouring extra damage onto gates and cubes (since they're too big to throw), and with the Tholian rep coming up and whatever missions that'll entail, its great for killing Tholian Webs. But if you just use it for damage all the time all you'll do is annoy your teammates, so don't take TBR if you aren't 100% certain about it.
So short version, pick a shield heal, Hazard Emitters, and a crowd control skill.

Other Boff Skills go pretty much without saying. APB3 is a good support skill and is such a large debuff with a short cooldown that it'll make up for the low level of your other tac skills, while buffing your teammates so much besides. APO is for maneuverability boosts and anti-tractor, RSP as an emergency 'uh oh' button, and EPTS when you need the extra durability. Yes I also included Engineering Team which has conflict problems with TT, but sometimes being able to give a teammate (or yourself) 6k hull instantly can be the difference between momentarily regrouping and looking at the respawn timer. Plus with the Tholians taking more prominence in a few weeks, the ability to neutralize their 'weapons offline' spam can be handy. If you can't stand the conflict, go for two EPTS1 instead to cycle for always-on shield-tanking goodness.