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04-26-2013, 10:41 PM
I have an engineer, if you do mostly pve stuf you probably want to kill everything as fast as possible. My best ships dps wise for that alt are my HEC with all romulan built and my Breen warship. Both are my highest dps ship with my engineer. By romulan built I mean romulan plasma weapons with both disruptor proc and plasma proc, romulan hyper torp and prototype beam array. Plasma proc is a nice "add on" to dps, disruptor proc debuff target and both have nice boff stations.

Both ship have 3 pces "harness set" and 2 pces reman set with resb elite fleet shield. I use embassy "plasma" particle gen and I do better dps than a lot of tacs in escorts.

I run HEC with 2 rom dhc critd x2, hyper torp, proto beam, 2 rom turrets accx2 and cutting beam
Tac boff: 1 TT (2 con doff reducing tt), 1 crf3, 1 beta2, 1 csv1, 2 hy(1-2) and bo1(basically power draw free with proto beam).
Eng boff: eptw, epts, EWP
Sci Boff : HE1, TSS2
Hangar: Elite scorpions fighters

Doff : 2 purple con off, 3 purple projectile officer

On breen ship add a turret out back, replace EWP with GW, take out 1 proj doff and replace with grav scientist and thats about it.

Both ship can gard Kang in cure including raptors and easily keep up with probe in kase and get cube at the same time, alone if needed or if I get bored
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