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04-26-2013, 10:47 PM
Commander Skye Ayers
Current assignment: Operations officer
U.S.S. Reconnaissance.

I don't know why you'd want to talk about my life. I haven't done anything amazing in my career, or even got through the academy quicker than anyone else. I'm just an ordinary Beitaziod, following orders from the best Captain I've known.
I suppose in a way I am a bit like Councillor Troi; Captain Ashfield does ask me for a hand in assessing situations. But, she asks everyone's opinions, and to be honest, I prefer working up at the Operations console. I'd rather not be sat beside her giving her advice throughout the day. That's not the type of person I am, and it's not what I was trained for.
I do accompany the Captain to New Romulas quite often though. Sometimes Commander Jones will join her, but he's regularly busy attending to First Officer duties, so I go in his place. I'll often help in engineering too, and come to mention it, so does the Captain.
I'll admit I was getting a bit fed up of fighting, the Reconnaissance is a good ship, but our she does take quite a beating from the Borg.
It seems that a day doesn't go by without a fight with another ship, or a set of aliens on the ground. If we're not being battered in space or on some random planet, we're being attacked on New Romulas!
I'd just about had enough of it and was seriously considering transferring to a nice quiet desk at Starfleet Academy but the Captain found out about my plans. She called me into her office and said to me, "I understand you're considering leaving the Reconnaissance. And I also understand the reason why. I'll admit I don't like fighting everyday; it's not exactly why I joined up either. I'd like to suggest something if you don't mind."
I didn't of course, I considered the Captain a friend, plus she is my Commanding officer, "I'd like to suggest you take a three week leave, a break away from the upfront, if you like, and tell me what you think when you come back. It'll give you a chance to get away from this constant bickering we seem to have with the Borg etc, and perhaps you'll think about what you want from Starfleet nowadays.
I'd rather not loose you Commander. Your an impeccable Operations officer, and you're my friend. I depend on you, especially when it comes to assisting me on New Romulas, perhaps too much, but I'll understand if you truly want to leave."
With that she dismissed me, and I took the three weeks away. I heard, when I returned, there had still been continuous fights against the Borg and on New Romulus, and to my dismay the Captain had been injured, leaving Commander Jones in temporary command.
I felt awful. If I hadn't gone away I might have been able to prevent the Captain being injured. When she'd been able to talk again she informed me, compassionately, "It was my fault completely Commander. I chose to go alone. We'd had some bad trouble with the Borg and several crew members were down. The ship needed everyone we had spare to repair her in time for a battle against the Crystalline Entity. I was needed down on New Romulus so I went alone. I was taken down by the Tal Shiar before I new what was happening. Some Romulans found me and brought me back aboard the Reconnaissance. Don't worry, these wounds are superficial. Commander Jones feels much worse than you do, despite my telling him the same I've told you."
The Captain recovered not soon after our conversation and I decided there was nowhere better for me to be. I realised I cared more for these people than I knew, they're my family, and I hadn't fathomed it until we nearly lost the Captain.
So I'm staying here, ready to fight another day.