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04-26-2013, 11:05 PM
Originally Posted by vetteguy904 View Post
ok seriously, the most useless power? has to be ramming speed or abandon ship.
Ramming Speed is awesome. Another way to run for it! Abandon Ship though is utterly useless... It is rare that you even get it to work and even if you do the resulting damage hardly does a thing.

As for this console though, you could have placed any number of better consoles in its place. Sure it can distract someone for a split second but if they are any good they will have your decoy unlocked or shredded in the blink of an eye and be back on you before you can say: "OMGWTFBBQ!"

Also anything that ignores direct targeting, FAW, Point Defense (Either of them), Lotus, Tractor Repulsers, Spread, Scatter Volley, Warp Plasma, etc... Will still rip you apart and will do so much faster once you hit this console.

As for the Emissions Seeking Torp... Oh man... That is another piece of utter garbage... I have lived through that on my B'rel so apparently it is so weak that it is not even worth considering. The most fun I ever had with that though was watching someone hit my Bortasqu' with it! LOL!... A few seconds later and they were space dust but even THEY admitted to me in a PM that seeing THAT decloak scared them LOL. It is like throwing a stone and hitting a Dragon in the head when you were after a sparrow.