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04-27-2013, 12:58 AM
OP I completely agree with you.

When you drill past all the fluff (Ships, missions etc.) at its core this will still be a 2 faction game, Red vs Blue, there is no Green team.

Originally Posted by dastahl
What this means is that Romulans who have selected different allies will be unable to team for specific episodes in the Romulan storyline, but will be able to team for events and fleet actions where cross-faction teaming is allowed.
By Dstahl's own admission, once you pick an ally, you are no longer considered part of the same faction, you become nothing more then a sub-faction of the other 2 (Just with a few shiny bells and whistles to make you look different).

If the Romulans are a third faction, why do they need cross-faction teaming permissions to play together? Neither the KDF or the Federation have this restriction. Yet the Romulans are being divided by the line that separates the Federation and KDF into factions.