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04-27-2013, 01:20 AM
After this expansion (and barring another faction expansion in the future); we won't be seeing much more 'faction specific' (aka Fed/KDF/Rom) mission content for STO. They specifically designed this so that, going forward, all new mission content (which will be primarily end-game, or set after the 'Cloaked intentions' FE series - which is the point where ALL mission content is faction shared) will be playable by all the Factions in the game.

For the most part, going forward 'Faction Specific' content is dead (and honestly, that's the way all MMO quest content usually works after a specific level.)

This Expansion/Content Update was to get all the currently existing (and new Romulan) factions up to mission leveling content parity (as far as Cryptic sees it); so they can more 'shared' content playable by all the factions going forward (which they see as a better/more efficient use of their development resources.)

So, what are Feds getting: More opportunity and a small incentive (mission content wise), to make a non-Fed faction Alt. A tenant of Cryptic's MMO design strategy dating back to their "City of Heroes" days is to make it enticing to roll a bunch of Alt characters for a given MMO.
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