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04-27-2013, 04:05 AM
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Problem with the Fek'lhr from Star Trek Armada is that it was created by Mad Doc/Activision and Cryptic might not have the rights to it. It's a nice ship, in fact I have been modding and modelling for that game since 2001 and I'd love to see it appear in STO, even as a science vessel.

A image link for the less informed.
Yeah, I remember flying the Fek'lhr-class battlecruiser in Star Trek Command III. I'd like to see it in game in a modified sense. Maybe rename it to avoid confusion with the Fek'lhri ships and so on. A nice sci-heavy battlecruiser would be a welcome addition to the KDF battlecruiser line. Either that or a tanky raptor/destroyer/battlecruiser-raptor hybrid.