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04-27-2013, 05:51 AM
Those obvious model errors are a disgrace, especially after so many years. I remember the original Galaxy model they had and it was just flat out wrong. They corrected most of the model after the forum outcry, shame to see that after so many years the ships are still so full of errors.
It's almost as if they modeled these ships of a single zoomed out picture.

As for all the fanboys in this topic going on about how minor this is and how only super Trek nerds can be bothered about it etc.. This is a Star Trek MMO. For the most part focused on the ships. The canon ships should be 100% accurate to the shows/movies or this could just as well be a generic sci-fi game.

I've just played the Legacy of Romulus Tribble test version, and taking a look at the ships in the ship purchase screen (on the Romulan Flotilla), they are of very high quality.

I'm hoping that at some point, the attention to detail seen in the Romulan vessels could be reapplied to existing Federation vessels to keep them visually on-par.
Yet there is already a topic on the accuracy errors of the D'deridex warbird model...

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