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Originally Posted by sirokk View Post
I seem to survive well enough in my bug with my eng. Of the 6 days I've done the mission, I died twice.

I am using the bug because it has decent hull, 4 eng console slots and has 5 tactical console slots. I pulled off the Polaron cannons and converted it into a Transphasic torp boat for this mission to ensure that I inflict primarily kinetic damage for the Crystalline Catastrophe event.

I gathered together what I already had and bought a couple more Transphasic consoles:

Front: 2x Rapid Fire Trans torps, 2x Breen Torp Cluster Torp
Rear: 1x Transphasic Mine Mk XI Uncommon, 1x Tricobalt Mine Mk XI and KCB

Devices: Shield batteries

Eng: 3x Neutronium Alloy Mk XII, Borg Assimilated Console
Sci: Field Gen Mk XI Rare
Tactical: 5x Transphaic Compressors consoles Mk XI

Shields, Engine and Deflector: Jem'Hadar Set Mk XI

Using Torpedo spread, Dispersal Pattern Beta, Transfer Shield Strength and sometimes EPtE and EPtS.

I should probably try moving the Breen Torps to the back and have more Rapid fire Torps up front to try to get a better torp spread volley but the shared cooldowns would probably hinder this.

It's not a finely tuned set but it works well enough to buzz the Entity, do torp spread of the Rapid Trans torps and mines and survive. This has been a very fun setup of not using any beams, except the KCB, just bypassing shields on NPCs and banging the heck out of them!

Anyways, I thought I'd just share.
I'm finally getting somewhere. I have close to the build you describe on my tactical captain with the Jem Dreadnought carrier/Tholian Recluse, and with my science captain with the Atrox carrier ,I use Antiproton cannons and beam array along with Chroniton beam array,Temporal disruption device and both have Bio neural warheads and I've been getting into the top 3 now. I did add the 3 purple projectile officers to my "active space duty" along with space warfare "Tilkreene" to help me with the tholains with the Jem build along with rapid firing trans torpedos and cluster transphasic torpedos and mines with Beta 3. To my tac console on Jem ship I added 3 transphasic coms/2 for Recluse all mk xii(2 purple,1 blue) and a rule 62 console from my D'kora. A borg ass mod, a xii purple Neu alloy and a enhaced plasma manifold along with a force field to engineer and a blue xii field generator and bio monitor to science.My main problem is my crew seems to be dropping off fast even tho I keep the shields up! Hence the purple xii Bio and force field recently added but it seems to not helped any.This happens to both captains on both ships.
I have Borg XI, Breen XI, Aegis, Omega X and Jem XII sets on my tac captain and Aegis, Borg XI, Omega XII, and MACO XI to choose from on my science captain . I also opted for one of my purple pets to be a shield healer on the carriers. Borg has the best hull/repair but Aegis and MACO are best for shield strength.
Since I bought most ships from the c-store I have access to Isometric charge, Graviton pulse, Theta radiation, Nadeon detonator, and Antimatter spread universal consoles to name a few tho i'm not sure if these help much along with the red matter capacitor I got free.I also have access to the Spiral wave disruptor since I have the Galor along with both Temporal ships on my science captain build. On my Tac captain build I have all 3 Jem ships,D'Kora,Recluse and Orb Weaver.
But back to my problem,I may have to sacrifice some other console to double up on my Bio monitor to help my crew out.Not sure what else to do.Is there a hull or alloy I can add to help? What takes out a crew while shields stay up? Some sort of radiation from Crystal entity? Thanks for all the help.Just glad to get into the top 3 now so somethings doing some good.

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