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04-27-2013, 07:32 AM
Originally Posted by vetteguy904 View Post
ok seriously, the most useless power? has to be ramming speed or abandon ship.
Yeah, abandon ship is pretty useless...even if it were to do some decent damage, by the time you explode you're either dead anyways or have been healed up and blowing yourself into pieces has become unnecessary.

As far as bad consoles go, the Enhanced Plasma manifold from the Oberth is up there, too. It shares the global 1-minute cooldown with batteries, has a 3 minute regular cooldown (normal battery: 2 minutes), only raises power setting on shield and aux by +25 (normal Shield battery: +75 power AND +shield regeneration) while taking up a console slot.

If it would have been a consumable, like the Red Matter Capacitator, it would be ok, but slotting something worse than a 5 EC vendor battery into a console slot is just a complete waste.