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04-27-2013, 08:13 AM
We have a FED and KDF fleet each with 500 members that are very active with only one rank 7.

Why because that is the answer to insure that nobody rips our fleet off.

He's also the only one with the kick option.

Our leader is on everyday, very helpful, and best describe as selfless.

He's also very caring and we always have the option of talking to him on TeamSpeak.

So anyone in our fleet can interview him to see what kind of person he is anytime.

The Rank 6 members have all the rights they need to run our fleet.

We have several three from the UK, one from Croatia, and five from the US.

So does our fleet worry no, does our fleet worry about our leadership no.

If you or your fleet members do then maybe you should find a different solution.

The last thing you should worry about is it here today gone tomorrow.

Members want security and answers our fleet has that you may not agree and that's ok.

We all think they are wise they looked at the tools they had and used them best way they could.

The only change that i think would be ok is where a FL can only leave a fleet if they push the Leave button.

Then all Fleets need to do is make wise choices of who they promote to Rank 7.

But they already have that issue or this problem would not be happing.

Crypitc can fix, change the game, and any thing else, but it cannot fix bad choices.