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04-27-2013, 10:29 AM
Originally Posted by djf021 View Post
I've been playing for over a year now. I'm not a veteran by any stretch, but I've learned how to hold my own fairly well in PVP.
But I've met a few BOPs here and there that are absolute killing machines. Before I'm even done reading "we've engaged the enemy!", before I can even hit Tactical Team, before I can even see them, I'm a warp core breach. In a cruiser. Next time I am on my toes...I hit sensor scan, get off a few shots, he escapes, then he pops me again. Sorry so long, but I basically have two questions:

What is the BOP build that can DO that? and...
If you think the decloak alpha strike from a bird of prey is bad you have clearly not been on the wrong end of a raptor, or god forbid a BC.