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04-27-2013, 10:55 AM
Neat thread, I've just been trying this on my Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort and now I find this. While I think the temporal destroyer will be the best escort torp boat, due to the sci boff, the carrier is not bad as the fighter cover helps against small things.

I use the breen set + transphasics; two breen cluster, 4 rapid or regular torps (depends on your doffs, purples are pricey), and 1 mine. Use dispersal beta 3 for the mine - you get 16 which is pretty sizable spam.

Tractor - use this while the mines arm.

2x emergency to shield
2x emergency to dampers

Things I'm still working out:

- both clusters up front, or 1 and 1? I like the latter for now.
- Full speed, boom and zoom, or knife fight? I can get kills by turning in close, but take more damage when I slow down.
- Is transphasic the best for this? It's nice and consistent, and the cluster bombs do amazing damage (esp to enemies that are close together), but the rommie torp is overpowered and it's a shame not to use it.


P.S. On my fed I use the defiant, sans cloak. It's so dang maneuverable that I can whip around, fire back torpedoes, then swing back and fire front torpedoes, all while trying to stay at 5-10 range, avoiding the close-in abilities.