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04-27-2013, 11:08 AM
Originally Posted by lykum View Post
Oh plenty of ways around the law, gotta love loopholes, and yes. If I remember correctly the fek'ihr is actually named AFTER those creepy floaty things in STO. Exception being that they were mythical creatures? anyway..
Not sure how they are supposed to get around this rule.
I remember one of the "Ask Cryptic"s was very specific:
They don't have the license to any ships from other game companies.
[NOTE: the Vesta was not created by a game company and it still took over a year of negotiations to get it in]

Also, the Fek'lhr is not named after the creatures from STO, it's named after...Fek'lhr from "The Next Generation".

The Fek'lhri were based on these guys:

who might or might not be related to the former.