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04-27-2013, 01:12 PM
That just shows what is really wrong with the PvP in STO, it favors alpha strike more then anything else, especially that they can be triggered at once is what is causing problems. Most have other PvP require a a certain rotation, like first using a specific sequence of low damage skills, until certain higher damage skills can be used.

The term alpha strike comes from tabletop Battletech where it was a legitimate tactic to use an alpha strike, but that came with the drawback that using the Alpha was almost guaranteed to shut the mech down and make it very vulnerable in return.

Again STO has no such mechanic, BoP can simply cloak again and dissappear waiting for their next Alpha to become available. Most other escorts have at least the option to use evasive maneuver to easily outrun any slower ship.

So in essence, without some major rebalancing that does not only involve the BoPs (they are a symptom, not the cause) the PvP content in this game can be described as dead.