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04-27-2013, 01:08 PM
The Fleet Heavy Cruiser Retrofit is actually a pretty decent ship. Can break it down via stats.

Hull: 39,600
Shield Modifier: 1.1

The hull has the lowest hit points of all the Federation Fleet Cruisers, but with that said an extra couple thousand hit points won't really matter all that much. Shield modifier was fixed in a fairly recent up date and it's now the same as all the other Fleet Cruisers.

Bridge Offficer Stations:
Lt Tac
En Tac
Cmd Eng
LtCmd Eng
Lt Science

This is another federation cruiser that suffers from an overabundance of engineering stations. With that said it's not a terrible bridge officer layout and allows for some decent offensive capability, much better then some other ships...cough cough Fleet Galaxy.

Turn: 8
Inertia: 30

This is one of the best turning Federation cruisers. The only other cruisers with 8 is the Excelsior. It's Inertia rating however is slightly lower then the Excelsior, but this ship can sill maneuver fairly well.

Overall the ship is decent. To recap It's hull hit points are slightly lower then average, though not enough to really be a deterrent. It's shield modifier is the same as all the other cruisers, it has an average bridge officer layout, and above average maneuverability. If you happened to fly the VA Assault Cruiser and thought it was ok this ship is similar, but superior in almost every way. If you think it's cool looking you should get it. I don't think you would be disappointed. With that said the Fleet Excelsior and Fleet Regent are both superior ships overall. Hope this helps some.