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# 1 Bug: Invisible NPCs
04-27-2013, 01:49 PM
Related to this thread, but now it's a bigger problem.

I'm putting npcs on a map. They are either there or invisible, or they fade to invisible when my toon walks towards them.

Sometimes if I change the costume to a different Cryptic costume, then they are no longer invisible.

This problem goes away post-publish, but it is making npc placement nearly impossible, especially if I have to publish and run a mission, just to see if the npc is typing on the prop at an appropriate height.

I'm not doing fancy tricks or importing costumes. I'm simply putting a Cryptic-made npc on a map and he/she is either there or not there. I know that the settings are correct as far as y values.

Please fix. Project ID is in linked thread.