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04-27-2013, 02:31 PM
*USS Freedom is racing through Klingon-Federation border zone with strange fighters after it...*

Damon: *sitting in the Captain's chair grasping the chair's arms tightly through his normal suit. There is a rumble *

Anti- air defenses what are you doing? Get a tighter blanket of fire out there.

Tactical fire a volley of torpedoes Alpha niner mark 3

Texira: Aye Sir deploying the volley

*The Freedom's torpedo launchers on the surface fire them off like missiles destroying the set of fighters after them.*

Damon: Proceed to our coordinates...

Texira: Will the Captain be okay?

Damon: He will be fine Texira...

Texira: Can we make it with those things after us?

Damon: We will.. We have too..

Speed it up I bet they can't chase us at that pace.