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*Dalos Alpha Prime, Republic Senate Building, Chamber of Exploration. The President is standing by a window, looking out into the vast Dalosian Metropolis of Dalosa City, the Dalosian Capital. 5 Senators and a Republic Naval Admiral are sitting around a round table near him.*

Admiral Davarr (A Dalosian Officer in the Republic Navy): The Danos Minor discovery is of incredible value to the scientific community!

Senator Malpez (Solain - from Solais): To the Republic as a whole, Admiral.

President Dalakar (Dalosian): And of political importance as well.

Think about it. The Federation has been exploring the Andromeda Galaxy for nearly a century. Not to sound like a politician, but that's quite a substantial advantage.

Senator Tena (Human): With respect, we have been making a lot more alliances than the Federation, and our economy is more stable thanks to our trade agreements. The Turanian Alliance has even proposed a merge with the Republic!

Dalakar: A discussion for another time, Senator.

I know our policy was to finish exploring our own galaxy first... but the prospect of exploring a whole new Galaxy, untainted by our hands has a certain appeal to it.

Malpez: A chance to do things again, the right way this time.

Dalakar: I think some of the budget could stand to be placed on the 'Pegasus Project'?

Malpez: Agreed.

Tena: Agreed.

Davarr: I'll be in the car.

Dalakar: I'll put the motion before the Senate tomorrow.

Anything else?

*Everyone shakes their heads. Dalakar, Malpez and Davarr walk out. Tena hears the sound of wind before her, turning to see a black figure, blurred.*

Shadow *displaced*: It must not be allowed. We need more time.

Tena: I will do my best, Master.

*New Vienna, Khitomer. A shuttle lands on Vanguard Tower, with Blake, Sanders, Forest and Danny waiting as the doors open. Sanders welcomes Hawk back as he steps off. He then turns to Sam, carrying a bag over her shoulder.*

Sanders: Welcome back, Captain.

Sam: 'Sam'. I'm not with the Republic Military now.

Hawk: She means she's taken an extended leave.

Sam: Same difference.

And I'm not 'back'... it's just I honestly don't have a place to stay.

Sanders: You're welcome here as long as you like.

Sam: Thanks.

Forest: Well, I can safely say I have no objections. It'll be a welcome change to have someone who can fence words with Hawk and win for a change.

Hawk: Ha ha.

*Hawk walks back into the shuttle, grabbing a bag and tossing it to Forest.*

Since you're so supportive, you can help her with her stuff.

*Forest and Hawk walk back inside.

Sanders looks at Sam.*

Sanders: Want to talk about it?

Sam: Later. I just need to get away.

Sanders: Of course. Let me take that... *Sanders takes her bag and carries it inside. Blake walks over.*

Blake: Don't worry, I'm not gonna make you feel welcome like you're a god-send.

Sam: Oh, thank you.

Blake: Blake Matthews, formerly of Starfleet. Also known as--

Sam: Armada. Yes, I remember. Where's Jacob?

Blake: A good question. Last we heard, he was working with ONI, but since then he's vanished.

*Blake steps aside as Sam looks at Danny.*

Sam: Daniel.
Danny: Hello I assume you still want to grind me beneath your heel? *As he polishes Vera and cleaning it.*